Hidup ini hanya sekali, isilah dengan sesuatu yang terbaik untukmu didunia dan akhirat….

Tips to improve your reading habit

  • Set aside a regular time to read. Some people like to read in the morning, and some before bedtime. Determine what works best for you and make your own convenient time to read.
  • Always have a book around. Try to carry a book or any reading material where ever you go. When you feel bored, get your book out and just read a few pages from it. Having reading materials available makes it easier for you to adopt this habit.
  • Set a reading goal. Determine how much time you want to spend reading, or how much books you want to read over time. Your goal maybe reading 30 minutes a day abook a month, etc. start out with something attainable and stick to it. As your reading habit gradually builds, you will start tom set higher goals.
  • Rewards yourself after completing a book. When you finish one book, give yourself a treat. This will encourage you to read more.
  • Visit a library or bookstore often. Just walk into any library and pick out any good book. Take time to browse and let your eyes find things of interest. Browsing will feed your mental need and it is a great way to keep your enthusiasm up.
  • Join a reading group or book club. Reading groups typically meet once a month to discuss a book they have decide to read. Committing to the group provides the impetus to finish the book, and gives you a great forum for discussion and socialization around the topics of book.

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