Hidup ini hanya sekali, isilah dengan sesuatu yang terbaik untukmu didunia dan akhirat….

Developing a reading habit



New Straits Times

Reading is an activity that is both fun and enlightening. Reading expands your knowledge and understanding. Nevertheless, it is an activity that many people do not engage in very much.

The world today is highly competitive and always thrives on information. For you to advance and not get left behind, it is important that you develop a good reading habit.

It is a proven fact that reading habit will develop your mental aptitude. Once you start the habit you will be motivated to read more as it gives you insight and perspective which you may not have seen before. More so it develops your ability to think and analyze things from understanding to problem solving.

On the whole, a good reading habit has immense benefits, which include: enhancing your life mentally, spiritually and socially. Developing a good reading habit also gives you more confidence and self-assurance to comprehend and understand all types of information.

So if you have not yet cultivated a reading habit, below are some useful tips to get you started:

  • Acquiring good reading habit is similar to acquiring any habit, through repetition. Schedule yourself some time for reading. Ideally, that time should be every day at the same time; for example before going to sleep or during tea breaks. By consciously performing this daily routine, subconsciously you will begin to expect to make time for reading and after some time, you will acquire that habit.
  • The amount of time you spend reading can vary. Start by reading between half an hour to an hour. Less than half an hour is usually too short a time to get fully involved in the process, while more than an hour can be burdensome, which can impede the initial interest.
  • Do not read things that make you feel bored. There is no benefit in reading things you do not enjoy. This will only put you off from reading. The choice of your reading material should be carefully chosen. Start off with books that interest you, have some mental value, requires little concentration and is easy to understand. Opt for books that are relatively short and when you read, your mind is engage in the process and not just skimming through.
  • Once you have completed a book it gives you a sense of accomplishment. Reward yourself as it provides a positive feedback in establishing the habit and this will also encourages you to read more.
  • When you start reading on regular basis, you will find the need to diversify into other reading materials and become truly engage. When reading is pleasurable to you, maintain the habit. There is always something new available to read.
  • Always read something that will give you some knowledge or advantage. To get full advantage of reading, all you need to do is focus. Reading demands concentration how much you absorb depends on that.
  • Once you understand the many benefits of reading, you will have no trouble adopting a regular reading pattern.

It doesn’t take much time to be well read. Just make reading your habit. Perhaps there is no greater avenue to learning than reading. When you continue to read, you have the ability to expand your mind with endless possibilities. Regard books as your best friends and always keep a book of beside you.


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