Hidup ini hanya sekali, isilah dengan sesuatu yang terbaik untukmu didunia dan akhirat….

Rules of Good Health

Ini adalah tempat aku ambil medical, soalnya klinik ini telah disetujui oleh Petronas.

Sim Medical Clinic

Klinik Sim / Sim’s Mecidal Clinic / Sim Cho Kheng
Kiat Siang Building,
12A, Jln Bendahara,
Ground Floor,
98000 Miri,

Telephone : 6 085 – 432411 (Clinic)

Fax : 6 085 – 426394

Sambil nunggu medical aku tertarik dengan poster di dinding klinik yang menulis tentang rules of good health, ini point2nya saya catat untuk di share :

“Rules of Good Health”

  • Don’t beat of more than you can CHEW……indigestion is uncomfortable!
  • FORCE yourself – to RELAX
  • Too much SEX is bad for you……..SHARE it!
  • Be true to your teeth and they’ll never be FALSE to you
  • Start the day with a SMILE…….it’s CATCHING!
  • If you get “B.O” – You will have a wide circle of friends.
  • Hard work never killed anybody…..It’s just murders your spare time.
  • STOP Smoking……It’s not the cough that carries you OFF. It’s the COFFEIN they carry you off in.
  • ENJOY yourself………It’s later than you think.
  • Try not to be angry…….count to ten before you STRIKE – by the time they’ve gone anyway!
  • Don’t DRIVE yourself too hard……….. Part exchange humans are hard to find.
  • If you’ve got a COMPLAINT … see a DOCTOR.
  • Change that “SPARE TYRE” for a “TUBLESS” type.
  • If the going gets TOUGH – Keep your HEAD …. (Nobody else want it).
  • Think of SLIMMING as a voyage of discovery…..”CAST OFF” and set – sail now!
  • If you got a PAIN in the neck……….You probably are one.
  • Don’t try tobe “TARZAN” – Someone could make a MONKEY out of you.
  • If you are SMALL – Don’t worry lot’s of Good Things come in small packages.
  • EXERCISES daily – Start with BREATHING.
  • Don’t take life too SERIOUSLY….You’ll never get out of it ALIVE!




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